Many casino suppliers will be required to be licensed by the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) in accordance with the Michigan Gaming Control & Revenue Act, as amended ( Public Act 69 of 1997 ). The following is provided as a general reference to help you understand MGCB licensing requirements and procedures.

The MGCB issues supplier licenses to many entities depending on the type of goods/services provided and the total monetary value of the goods/services.

Gaming-Related - All persons or businesses providing gaming-related goods/services to a casino licensee must obtain a supplier license regardless of the amount of business conducted. Gaming-related goods/services are directly related to the conduct of gambling or otherwise affect the play and results of gambling games or devices (dice, tables, gaming chips, tokens, security cameras, etc.).

Nongaming-Related - Persons or businesses providing nongaming-related goods/services must be licensed if the amount of the goods/services exceeds $400,000 per casino in any rolling 12-month period.

Please Note: If you provide goods/services of less than $400,000 per casino in any rolling 12-month period, you may qualify to obtain a Vendor Exemption.

The MGCB will not process an application for a supplier license without a written statement from the casino indicating the casino has contracted (or intends to contract) with you or your company to provide goods/services. For this reason, you must apply first to the casino's Purchasing Department.


The MGCB requires a non-refundable application fee (see table below) from each supplier license applicant. Application fees are based on the dollar amount of business with all casinos in any rolling 12-month period. The MGCB also requires a license fee when a license is issued or renewed. Supplier licenses are valid for one year and may be renewed by the MGCB.

Fee requirements are based on the amount of business with all casinos in any rolling 12-month period:

Amount of Business

Application Fee

License Fee

Greater than $500,000  



$100,000 - $500,000



Less than $100,000



Temporary License

The MGCB may grant a temporary license allowing a supplier license applicant to provide goods/services while the MGCB conducts its background investigation. To obtain a temporary license, the applicant must:

  • Submit an application, all required documentation, a written statement from the casino and the appropriate application fee.
  • Pass a preliminary review of the application and criminal history investigation.
  • Have no apparent deficiencies.


A temporary license typically is issued within 30 days of receipt of an application (if eligible).  Full licensure requires a thorough background investigation, including an onsite visit to your organization.  The timeframe varies depending on your organization’s size, complexity and physical location. As a rule, you can expect the Board to issue the final licensing determination in approximately six months.

Appeal Process

Persons denied a license by the MGCB may appeal to a Circuit Court. You may wish to be represented by legal counsel, but it is not required.