Anyone providing nongaming-related goods or services to a casino licensee in excess of $50,000 in any 12-month rolling period must obtain a vendor exemption from the MGCB.

A vendor exemption allows a person or entity to conduct business to a monetary threshold of $400,000 per Detroit casino licensee in any 12-month rolling period.   It permits the exempt person or entity to provide only the goods or services encompassed by the exemption.

Once a vendor exemption has been granted, the MGCB will notify the entity.

Note - An entity may begin providing goods/services to the casino licensee(s) as soon as a vendor exemption has been granted by the MGCB. An entity may not conduct business with any casino licensee in excess of $50,000 in a 12-month rolling period unless the entity is listed on the MGCB website.


A completed Vendor Exemption Application and applicable forms must be submitted to the MGCB.


A final determination typically is provided within three weeks of receipt of an application.  Longer processing time may occur under certain circumstances. 

Exceeding Monetary Thresholds

If it appears the person or entity will provide a casino licensee with nongaming-related goods or services in excess of $400,000 in the rolling 12-month period, the person/entity must apply for either an exemption in a different category or a supplier's license.   A person or entity must have a temporary supplier's license, a supplier's license or an exemption in a different category before exceeding the $400,000 threshold. 


The MGCB requires a $200 fee for initial applicants and $100 fee for renewal applicants to cover the background check cost.

Renewal Application

Prior to the assigned expiration date each year, the vendor must submit the Vendor Exemption Application and non-refundable fee to continue providing goods and services to the Detroit casinos. 

Your vendor exemption will be inactivated if you fail to submit the renewal application and fee by the due date.  Concurrently, the MGCB will inactivate the vendor exemption and notify the Detroit casinos.

Vendors: Please mail or fax a written statement if you do not wish to renew a vendor exemption.

Fax:  (313) 456-4190

Mailing Address:

Michigan Gaming Control Board

ATTN: Enterprise Licensing Section

3062 West Grand Blvd., Suite L-700

Detroit, Michigan 48202