Many casino employees and employees of companies that supply goods and services to casinos are required to be licensed by the MGCB in accordance with Michigan law. The following is provided as a general reference to help you better understand MGCB licensing requirements and procedures.

You must be at least 21 years old to work in any gaming function (at least 18 years old if working in a non-gaming function).

The first step in applying for an Occupational License is to contact the casino's or supplier company's Human Resources Department (or similarly designated office).

If you are hired, or if the casino/supplier company extends to you an invitation of employment, you will be required to complete an application for submission to the MGCB. As part of the application process, you will be photographed and fingerprinted. The casino/supplier will have more information regarding this procedure.  Upon receipt of the application and fee, the MGCB will conduct a background investigation of each applicant and will determine if an Occupational License will be issued. Your application must be accompanied by an Application Fee (see the Fee Schedule below).

Note: The MGCB will not process an application for an Occupational License without a written statement from the casino/supplier that you have been hired, or that the casino/supplier intends to hire you. For this reason, you must first apply to the casino/supplier Human Resources Department. 

There are three Levels of MGCB Occupational Licenses.

LEVEL ONE - Managers, supervisors, or other key employees. People who have authority to develop or administer policy, long-range plans, or to make discretionary decisions regulating gaming operations; people responsible for major sections within the casino or its property, even if no gaming is conducted in the area (such as a hotel or restaurant). Also, some employees of suppliers will be required to be licensed.

Level One examples:

Casino managers/supervisors of:

  • Accountants, cashiers and other fiscal staff
  • Casino entertainment
  • Casino food and beverage service
  • Casino games
  • Casino hotel
  • Casino Human Resources Department
  • Casino restaurant
  • Slot machine / bill-changer repair and maintenance
  • Some employees of suppliers
  • Surveillance / security investigations
  • Table games

Supplier managers / supplier supervisors of:

  • Repair or maintenance staff who service slot machines, bill changers, etc.
  • Any person who is required to hold a Level One license

- Employees who operate or maintain casino games, or who come in contact with gaming money, chips, tokens, credit slips, etc., but who are not supervisors.

Level Two examples:

Casino examples:

  • Accountants and financial controllers
  • Card dealers and other table game workers
  • Cashiers
  • Computer data input staff and technicians
  • Marketing staff / promotion staff of casino gaming
  • Money changers
  • Money transfer workers
  • Security guards who work in restricted areas of the casino or provide physical security in the casino
  • Slot machine technicians and repair staff

Supplier examples:

  • Repair and maintenance of slot machines
  • Repair or maintain close circuit TV systems
  • Maintenance of computer hardware

- Employees who work in an area where gaming is conducted, or in areas that directly affect gaming, but do not conduct the games or come in contact with gaming money, chips, tokens, credit slips, etc.

Level Three Casino or Supplier examples:

  • Housekeepers in casino area
  • Non-Gaming maintenance staff in casino area
  • Waiters / waitresses in casino area
  • Bartend staff in casino area


The MGCB requires a non-refundable Application Fee from each applicant to be submitted with the application. Application Fees are based on the level of the Occupational License. The MGCB also requires a License Fee upon issuance of a license and upon any renewal. Occupational Licenses are valid for two years, and may be renewed by the MGCB.



Level of Occupational License 

Application Fee

License Fee 

Level One



Level Two



Level Three




Generally, employees who do NOT work in areas where gaming is conducted, or do NOT work with money, chips or tokens, are NOT required to be licensed.


  • Coat-check staff
  • Cooks
  • General laborers
  • General office staff
  • Groundskeepers
  • Housekeeping / maintenance staff
  • Parking lot attendants
  • Public Relations staff
  • Receptionists
  • Sales clerks
  • Telephone operators
  • Waitstaff

NOTE:  The MGCB will deny issuing an Occupational License if you have been convicted of:

  • Any felony
  • A misdemeanor involving gambling, theft, dishonesty or fraud

You may also be denied a license if the MGCB determines that you are not suitable for such license due to your integrity, moral character or reputation.

The MGCB is assisted by the Michigan Attorney General and Michigan State Police in conducting background investigations. In addition, casinos may have their own requirements for employment, such as submitting to a test for illegal drugs.


The MGCB will make every effort to handle each application in the most expeditious manner possible. However, the MGCB will take whatever time necessary to conduct a thorough background investigation. Background investigations may take several weeks depending on the level of license required and the complexity of the investigation.

Temporary Occupational Licenses 

Temporary Occupational Licenses enable an employee to begin work with a casino/supplier pending completion of the background investigation by the MGCB. The MGCB may issue a temporary Occupational License if a preliminary review of the application and a computerized criminal history check do not indicate any discrepancies that could result in denial. Temporary Occupational Licenses are valid from the date of issue until an occupational license is granted, and may be renewed by the MGCB if no disqualifying information is revealed during the investigation.

Persons denied a license by the MGCB may request a hearing. If denial is upheld, you may appeal to a Circuit Court.