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Resolution #1997-01 (Adopted 1/23/97) - Organizational chart; personnel specifications; hiring necessary personnel

RESOLUTION NO. 1997-01 (Adopted 1/23/97)


A Board Resolution Approving The Attached Organizational Chart And Personnel Specifications For The Michigan Gaming Control Board, Directing Their Submission To The Department Of Civil Service For Approval, And Authorizing The Interim Executive Director And The Executive Director Of The Board To Begin Hiring Necessary Personnel To Implement The Michigan Gaming Control And Revenue Act.


WHEREAS, the Michigan Gaming Control Board ("the Board") has the power and duty under Section 4(b) of the Michigan Gaming Control and Revenue Act ("the Act") to implement, enforce and supervise administration of the Act; and,


WHEREAS, the Board must immediately begin to employ personnel necessary to timely implement, administer and enforce the provisions of the Act; and


WHEREAS, the Board has reviewed the proposed organizational chart and attached personnel specifications prepared and submitted by the Interim Executive Director; NOW THEREFORE,



  1. That the attached organizational chart and personnel specifications are found to be necessary and appropriate for implementation of the Act and approved by the Board;

  2. That the Interim Executive Director and the Executive Director of the Board shall submit the attached organizational chart and personnel specifications to the Department of Civil Service for approval, together with any other related forms or documents required by the Department of Civil Service; and

  3. That the Interim Executive Director and the Executive Director of the Board are hereby authorized to begin hiring the personnel specified in the approved organizational chart and personnel specifications, pursuant to and in accordance with requisite rules, guidelines, directives and approvals of the Executive Office and Departments of Civil Service, Management and Budget and Treasury.
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