Resolution #1997-02 (Adopted 1/23/97) - Employment of Nelson Westrin

RESOLUTION NO. 1997-02 (Adopted 1/23/97)


A Board Resolution Approving The Employment Of Nelson W. Westrin As Executive Director Of The Michigan Gaming Control Board; And Directing The Administration And Operations Subcommittee Of The Board To Negotiate And Establish The Terms Of His Employment In Accordance With Civil Service Guidelines And Requirements.


WHEREAS, the Michigan Gaming Control Board ("the Board") has the power and duty under Section 4(b) of the Michigan Gaming Control and Revenue Act ("the Act") to implement, enforce and supervise administration of the Act; and,


WHEREAS, the Board must employ personnel necessary to timely implement, administer and enforce the provisions of the Act; and


WHEREAS, the Board has determined that the position of Executive Director is necessary and appropriate to timely and effectively implement, administer and enforce the provisions of the Act, and has authorized the position as part of its previously approved organizational chart and personnel specifications; and


WHEREAS, Nelson W. Westrin has provided commendable service to the Board as Interim Executive Director pursuant to Executive Order 1996-10, and has expressed his interest and desire to be employed by the Board as its Executive Director; and


WHEREAS, the Board has reviewed Mr. Westrin's resume and determined that he is eminently well qualified to serve as its Executive Director based upon his past education, experience and service to the Board, NOW THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED AS FOLLOWS:

  1. That the Board shall hire and employ Nelson W. Westrin as its Executive Director; and,
  2. That the Administration and Operations Subcommittee of the Board shall negotiate and establish the terms of Mr. Westrin's employment in accordance with Civil Service guidelines and requirements before the next meeting of the Board.