Resolution #1997-05 (Adopted 1/23/97) - Proposed Casino License application form


RESOLUTION NO. 1997-05 (Adopted 1/23/97)


A Board Resolution Directing the Interim Executive Director, The Executive Director Of The Board And The Administrations and Operations Subcommittee Of The Board To Meet And Develop A Proposed Casino License Application Form For Review And Approval By The Michigan Gaming Control Board.


WHEREAS, Section 5 of the Michigan Gaming Control and Revenue Act ("the Act") requires that the Michigan Gaming Control Board ("the Board") make applications for casino licenses available to applicants within 60 days of the Board's appointment; NOW THEREFORE,




That the Interim Executive Director, the Executive Director of the Board and the Administrations and Operations Subcommittee of the Board shall meet and develop a proposed casino license application form for review and approval of the Board, pursuant to and in accordance with the requirements of the Act and sound public policy.