Resolution #1997-06 (Adopted 1/23/97) - Proposed Media Relations Policy (Also see Resolution #1997-11)

RESOLUTION NO. 1997-06 (Adopted 1/23/97... also see Resolution #1997-11)


A Board Resolution Directing The Interim Executive Director, The Executive Director Of The Board And The Communications Subcommittee Of The Board To Meet And Develop A Proposed Media Relations Policy For Review And Approval By The Michigan Gaming Control Board.


WHEREAS, the Michigan Gaming Control Board ("the Board") believes that it is necessary and appropriate to develop and approve a media relations policy for the Board to ensure that the media receives complete and accurate information regarding the public business of the Board so that the media can properly and accurately inform the public regarding such matters; NOW THEREFORE,




That the Interim Executive Director, the Executive Director of the Board and the Communications Subcommittee of the Board are directed to meet and develop a proposed media relations policy for review and approval by the Board.