Resolution #1997-08 (Adopted 1/23/97) - Respective roles and responsibilities of City of Detroit and State

RESOLUTION NO. 1997-08 (Adopted 1/23/97)


A Board Resolution Directing The Board Chairperson And A Second Member Of The Board Designated By The Chairperson To Meet With Representatives Of Mayor Archer's Detroit Casino Advisory Committee And The Detroit City Council To Discuss How To Coordinate And Carry Out The Respective Roles And Responsibilities Of The City And State In A Consistent And Complementary Fashion Under The Michigan Gaming Control And Revenue Act, And Report Back To The Board Regarding Such Discussions And Any Recommended Board Action.


WHEREAS, the Michigan Gaming Control Board ("the Board") has the power and duty under Section 4(b) of the Michigan Gaming Control and Revenue Act ("the Act") to implement, enforce and supervise administration of the Act; and,


WHEREAS, the Board has determined that it is reasonable, necessary and appropriate to coordinate the respective roles, responsibilities, and goals of the State and City under the Act, in order to ensure that the outcomes serve the best interest of all citizens of this State; NOW THEREFORE,



  1. That the Board Chairperson and a second member of the Board designated by the Chairperson shall meet with representatives of Mayor Archer's Detroit Casino Advisory Committee and the Detroit City Council to discuss how to coordinate and carry out the respective roles and responsibilities of the City and the State under the Act in a consistent and complementary fashion that will:

    (a) insure that casino licenses are only granted to persons or entities that are reputable, honest and law abiding, and have the business and financial experience and ability to operate authorized casinos in Detroit in an honest, lawful and financially successful manner; and,

    (b) minimize social harm and maximize economic development and benefits to the city and state that result from such casino operations.

  2. That the meeting shall be scheduled, if at all possible, before the next meeting of the Board.

  3. That the Board Chairperson and the second member of the Board designated by the Chairperson shall report back to the Board concerning their discussions with City representatives and, if appropriate, make recommendations for Board action.