Resolution #1997-13 (Adopted 12/2/97) - Approve revised draft Administrative Rules; submit for certification

RESOLUTION NO. 1997-13 (Adopted 12/2/97)


A Board Resolution Approving The Attached Revised Draft Of The Proposed Administrative Rules Of The Board And Directing The Executive Director To Submit Such Proposed Rules To The Governor's Office Of Regulatory Reform And The Legislative Service Bureau For Certification, In Accordance With The Rule Making Requirements Of The Administrative Procedures Act.


WHEREAS, Section 4(17)(d) of the Michigan Gaming Control and Revenue Act, as amended, ("the act") mandates that the Michigan Gaming Control Board ("the Board") promulgate administrative rules as may be necessary to implement, administer and enforce the act, and accomplish without limitation, the following:

  1. Govern, restrict, approve, or regulate the casino gaming authorized in this act.

  2. Promote the safety, security, and integrity of casino gaming authorized in this act.

  3. License and regulate persons participating in or involved with casino gaming authorized in this act; and

WHEREAS, the Board has reviewed and approved the attached revised draft of the proposed administrative rules of the Board as being necessary and appropriate to carry out the Board's statutory rule making duty under section 4(17)(d) of the act; NOW THEREFORE,

IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED That the Executive Director promptly submit the attached revised draft of the proposed rules of the Board to the Governor's Office of Regulatory Reform and Legislative Service Bureau for review and certification, and take such action as is necessary and appropriate to complete the process for promulgation of such proposed rules, pursuant to and in accordance with the rule making requirements of the Michigan Administrative Procedures Act.