Resolution #1998-02 (Adopted 3/17/98) - Application forms and related Personal and Business Disclosure Forms

RESOLUTION NO. 1998-02 (Adopted 3/17/98)


A Board Resolution And Order Approving And Adopting The License Application Forms And Related Personal And Business Disclosure Forms To Be Utilized By Applicants When They Make Application To The Board For Casino And Supplier Licenses.


WHEREAS, the Board's staff has developed the attached license application forms and related personal and business disclosure forms as necessary and appropriate forms to be utilized by applicants when they make application to the Board for casino and supplier licenses; and,


WHEREAS, the Board has reviewed and considered the attached forms and determined that they are necessary and appropriate to properly evaluate and license applicants for casino and supplier licenses under the licensing standards and requirements of the Michigan Gaming Control and Revenue Act, as amended, MCL 432.201 et seq.; NOW THEREFORE,


IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED AND ORDERED that the attached Casino and Supplier License Applications and related Business Disclosure Form and Personal Disclosure Form Level 1 shall be and are approved and adopted by the Board, and shall be utilized and filed by applicants when they make application to the Board for Casino and Supplier licenses, pursuant to and in accordance with the direction and instructions of the executive director or his designee.