Resolution #1998-04 (Adopted 3/17/98) - Tribute to Karen Farmer

RESOLUTION NO. 1998-04 (Adopted 3/17/98)


A Board Resolution To Acknowledge The Contributions and Accomplishments Of Former Board Member Karen Batchelor Farmer And Commend Her For Her Service To The Michigan Gaming Control Board And The People Of The State Of Michigan.


WHEREAS, The Michigan Gaming Control Board has been statutorily charged with the responsibility of administering and enforcing the provisions of the Michigan Gaming Control and Revenue Act, Public Act No. 69~of l 997, relating to the proper licensing and regulation of casino gaming in the State of Michigan; and,


WHEREAS, Karen Batchelor Farmer was duly appointed to serve as a member of the Board by the Honorable John Engler, Governor of the State of Michigan, in February, l 997, with the advice and consent of the Michigan Senate; and,


WHEREAS, Ms. Fanner has served with distinction and made many valuable contributions to the Board during her membership on the Board; and,


WHEREAS, Ms. Farmer's dedication, commitment, integrity and uncommon wisdom and expertise as a Board member are well recognized and appreciated by her colleagues and the People of the State of Michigan; and,


WHEREAS, Ms. Farmer is no longer able to continue her service on the Board due to an unforeseen change in personal circumstances and has, therefore, resigned from the Board; NOW THEREFORE,


IT IS RESOLVED that the Michigan Gaming Control Board HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGES AND COMMENDS Karen Batchelor Farmer for her diligent service on the Board, and extends to her our very best wishes of happiness, success and fulfillment in all her future endeavors.