Millionaire Party Forms

Millionaire Party Event Application and Change Forms

MP Event Application (updated Jan. 30, 2017)



MP Event Application Attachment A - Worker List (updated October 2014)



MP Event Application Attachment B - Dealer List for Organizations PDF  

MP License Change Form (updated Sept. 26, 2016)



MP Dealer Information Form (updated Jan. 24, 2017)



Millionaire Party Guide for Qualified Organizations (Charities)    
Presentation and Certificate of Completion    
Millionaire Party Game Records and Financial Statement

Millionaire Party Game Record & Financial Statement Banner 

Millionaire Party Game Records Banner

All game records are required to be submitted to the MGCB by the 10th day of the month following the event.




Electronic Millionaire Party Game Records EXCEL
MP Games Records Packet PDF
Individual Game Records and Financial Statements  
 Cash Prizes Log PDF
 Chip Redemption Sheet PDF
 Daily Cash Accountability PDF
 Financial Statement PDF 
 House Games Chip Log PDF
 Master Control Sheet PDF 
 Rake Log PDF 
 Tournament Log PDF 
 Workers Service Record PDF


NEW: The electronic Millionaire Party Game Records have been updated to include an automated time stamp function to enhance user functionality

Millionaire Party Qualification Forms

Only certain nonprofit organizations are eligible to be licensed to conduct millionaire parties. Unless your organization is qualified by the Michigan Gaming Control Board, it will not be approved to conduct millionaire party events. Please use the links below to choose the forms and requirements from the appropriate category. If you have any qualification questions, please contact our office at 313-456-4940.

Qualifying Organization Information Forms and Requirements

Educational Organization Form and Requirements    
Fraternal Organization Form and Requirements    
Local Civic Organization Form and Requirements    
Religious Organization Form and Requirements    
Senior Citizens Organization Form and Requirements    
Service Organization Form and Requirements    
Veterans' Organization Form and Requirements    

NOTE: Upon receipt of the above information, a site visit will be arranged and additional documentation may be required


Other Qualification Forms

Qualified Organization Information Change



Qualified Organization - Local Governing Body Resolution





Millionaire Party Supplier Forms

  Supplier License Application (Initial)



  Supplier License Application (Renewal) PDF



  Supplier Annual Report (updated Dec. 18, 2015)



  Dealer Information Form (updated Jan. 24, 2017)



   4506-T Request for Transcript of Tax Return PDF