Supplier Suspension - Probation Agreements





The licensed suppliers listed below were found to be in violation of the Bingo Act by unlawfully paying fees to owners of locations and agreed to the settlements listed. 



 Aces Gaming Supply, LLC  30 day suspension (July 11 to August 9, 2014)
 Four Aces Club, LLC  5 day suspension (June 30 to July 4, 2014)
 Arcadia Poker Supplier, LLC  4 day suspension (May 9-12, 2014) *2nd suspension
 Aim High Proceeds, LLC  2 day suspenstion (April 20 & 21, 2014)
 1 Eyed Jack Gaming Supplies, LLC  Probation until September 30, 2014
 A-1 Bingo Supplies & Games, LLC  Probation until September 30, 2014
 Huron Poker  Probation until September 30, 2014
 Shwinn, LLC  Probation until September 30, 2014

The two suppliers listed below voluntarily surrendered their licenses for violations of the Bingo Act.
Arcadia Poker Supplier, LLC (Mr. B's, Troy) - Licensed Supplier
"Voluntary Surrender of Supplier License signed on May 15, 2014 - two year suspension"
Location owner hired an unsuitable individual to run the location, made payments to the unsuitable individual, and attempted to
hide the payment through a third party.  
Total G Services, LLC (5 Star Lanes, Sterling Heights) Licensed Supplier

“Voluntary Surrender of Supplier License signed on March 21, 2014 - two year suspension”

  • Owner and agents handling cash, chips
  • Owner and agents altered and falsified charity gaming records
  • Owner and agents directed the sale of gaming chips greater than $15k maximum
  • Owner and agents directed illegal chip sales between players”



Supplier Suspension Orders Issued

CSI Supply, LLC

Total G Services, LLC