Second Saturdays for Families

Location: Second floor, Michigan History Museum, Lansing
Time: Drop-in, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Have you ever wanted to make your own Silly Putty? Your own model hovercraft? How about your own wearable art that lights up? Now, it's your turn!

The Michigan History Museum presents these Second Saturdays for Families programs about futuristic technologies in celebration of our special exhibit, Minds of Modernism. Explore the materials and technologies that inspired modern designers during the mid 20th century, and still captivate our imaginations today.

Adults and kids will love these creative hands-on activities:

  • January 14: Light Up Your Wardrobe
    There was a time when illuminated clothing was the stuff of futuristic movies, but it's not science fiction anymore! How would you use lights on clothing or accessories? We have small LED circuits for you to create your very own light-up, wearable masterpieces!
  • February 11: My Very Futuristic Valentine
    Chances are, you've seen a 3-D movie or picture before. In fact, the first color, stereoscopic movie was released more than 60 years ago. We have historic and modern examples of 3-D technology for you to enjoy and materials for you to make a 3-D Valentine's Day card!
  • March 11: Hovercraft Hijinks
    "The Jetsons," an animated TV series from the 1960s, showed a future filled with flying cars and hovercrafts. Now, 21st-century engineers are working to create levitating or flying personal transportation. We're providing lots of common household objects for you to create and test a model hovercraft.

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Updated 01/05/2017