• Welcome to Michigan Prepares, Michigan's source for health emergency preparedness information.

    It is hard to imagine a situation without phones, Internet, clean water, and electricity, but an emergency can quickly take away all of these things. As unpleasant as it is to think about emergency scenarios, it is much worse to be faced with an emergency and not have access to the tools you rely on in your everyday life to help you survive and cope.

    Emergencies are often unpredictable and can greatly impact our day-to-day routines, communication, health, and safety. The more time you spend learning about how to take simple steps to prepare and understand the threats that face Michigan, the better off you will be when an emergency does occur.

    This website contains information to help you develop emergency supplies and plans that are right for you and your family. Explore this site for valuable information about threats in Michigan, how to stay informed during emergencies, and much more.

    When an emergency hits and seconds count make sure you and your family are prepared!

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