• Public Transportation

    Affordable. Convenient. Less stressful. Sound good? Get on the bus or train and rest your mind.
    Bus systems in almost every region in Michigan have added routes and buses so it's more convenient than ever. Don't know the way? There are maps and schedules to help you plan your best route. Your local public transportation authority will help you discover the route that will get you to work in the most direct way possible.

    Who rides the bus? If you've been on one lately, you've seen office workers, nurses, teachers, students, and seniors. There's also the bonus of a little bit of exercise before and after you take the bus.

    Too far from a bus stop? No worry. Use a bike and take it along on a convenient bike carrier right on the front of the bus.

    Connect with your local public transportation authority to learn more.

    There are also Amtrak train and intercity bus routes that can help with longer commutes or trips around the state. There are even charter services available to help you customize your trip! You'll find the links right here to get on board.