Strategies for Success

Model Programs

Best Workplaces for Commuters - A Michigan Success Story

5 Steps to Set Up Your Program

  1. Identify a program coordinator
    Find a strong supporter of alternative transportation within your business. He or she may be willing to take on most of the work for you.
  2. Guaranteed Ride Home
    Register for Guaranteed Ride Home, a free program which guarantees participants up to four rides in a taxi or rental car in the case of a personal emergency.
  3. Bring in commuter assistance
    Invite a local alternative commute program consultant to an employee meeting. He or she can outline available commuting options and help dispel myths.
  4. Use rideshare-matching services
    Available through MDOT or locally, these services help employees find a rideshare route that best matches their commute.
  5. Set up an information center
    Display information, posters, maps and schedules. Share important information from the Web.

5 Ways to Spread the Word

  1. Attend a commuting meeting to show program support.
  2. Direct communication by company leadership, at least annually, can raise awareness.
  3. Publish a commuting newsletter or company-wide e-mail every quarter, or create a company rideshare Web site.
  4. Host a rideshare event for employees, at least annually. Rideshare Week (the first week in October), or Bike to Work Week in May, is the perfect opportunity to market rideshare options.
  5. Distribute flyers, announcements or letters on a quarterly basis to employees to celebrate successes and raise program awareness.

5 Strategies to Boost Success

  1. Carpool program: Offer incentives such as gas vouchers, gift cards, preferential parking, etc.
  2. Direct financial awards: Provide a transportation allowance or subsidy to reward employees who use alternative commutes.
  3. Start-up incentive: Offer an enrollment item such as a coffee mug, bike equipment or transit pass.
  4. Bicycle program: Start a bike club, provide showers/lockers, bike racks, info, prizes and equipment.
  5. Points program: Reward employees with points redeemable for cash or merchandise.