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DTMB-Procurement Staff Directory

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DTMB-Procurement - Administration

Jeff Brownlee Chief Procurement Officer, DTMB-Procurement   517-284-7003
Diane Fortino Senior Executive Management Assistant   517-284-7012
Heather Calahan Departmental Specialist   517-284-7006
Stephen Davis  Executive Assistant, Acting   517-284-7009
Stephanie Epps Risk Management Analyst   517-284-7011
Jon Fowler Student Assistant   517-284-7032
Thayer, Chelsea Student Assistant   517-284-7029
Shelby Troub Ad Board Secretary, Acting   517-284-7028

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Business Development Unit

Genevieve Hayes Manager, Business Development Unit 517-284-7014
Judy Thelen Research & Reports Specialist

Jenni Riehle Vendor Outreach Coordinator 517-284-7023
Mary Hanses MiDEAL Coordinator/ Department Tech 517-284-7013
Rachel Powell Student Assistant 517-284-7022

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Knowledge Management Team

Mike Bliss Buyer Specialist 517-284-7034
Chris Mitchell Buyer Specialist 517-284-7020
Janet Rouse Secretary 517-284-7024

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Services Division

Vacant Director    
Mary Lewis Executive Secretary 517-284-7018
Lance Kingsbury Buyer Specialist 517-284-7017
Angela Buren Buyer  517-284-7005 
Mary Ostrowski Buyer  517-284-7021
Brandon Samuel Buyer Specialist 517-284-7025
Don Mandernach Buyer  517-284-7019 
Pam Platte Buyer Specialist 517-284-7022

(Services Responsibilities: advertising, marketing, banking, financial, consulting, health care, insurance, professional, etc.)

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Commodities Division 

Rebecca Cook Acting Director 517-284-7008
Sue Cieciwa Buyer Specialist 517-284-7007
Vacant Buyer    
Vacant Buyer    
Steve Rigg Buyer 517-284-7043
Lymon Hunter Buyer Specialist 517-284-7015

(Commodities Responsibilities: alarm equipment/supplies, Michigan State Industries (MSI), building/property maintenance, equipment/supplies, clothing, copiers, energy, food & related services, furniture, HVAC, kitchen equipment, office equipment, paint & supplies, pharmaceuticals, printing equipment supplies, prisoner stores, radio equipment, road salt, vehicles, wastewater treatment, maintenance repair organizations (MRO), janitorial, lawn care, snow removal, window cleaning, uniforms & rentals, etc.)

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Information Technology (IT) 

Genevieve Hayes Acting Director 517-284-7014
Mike Breen Buyer 517-284-7002 
Whitnie Zuker Buyer 517-284-7030
Meagan Bryant Procurement Tech 517-284-7004 
Barb Suska  Buyer 517-284-7026
David Hatch  Buyer 517-284-7044
Jarrod Barron  Buyer 517-284-7045

(Information Technology Responsibilities: IT consulting, licensing, maintenance, software, telecommunications, cell phones, towers, infrastructure, etc.)

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General Information

517-284-7000  OR
Toll Free:  855-647-8724 (855 MI-PURCH)

Fax 517-335-0046
Mailing Address DTMB-Procurement
  1st Floor, Constitution Hall
  P.O. Box 30026
  Lansing Michigan 48909
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