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Herbert H. Dow House

Herbert H. Dow House


There have been instances in the history of science in America when a scientific breakthrough or discovery has led to the creation of whole new industries. John W. Hyatt and celluloid, Leo Baekeland and his bakelite, Edward G. Acheson with carborundum, Wallace Carothers and nylon, and C. M. Hall and aluminum are examples of men and their discoveries leading to new industrial endeavors. Herbert H. Dow, chemist and father of the Dow Chemical Company, is a member of this elite group. His discovery of a highly efficient way to separate bromine from raw brine around 1890 led to the creation of a company which today is one of the giants of the chemical industry.


  • National Historic Landmark, May 11, 1976
  • National Register of Historic Places, May 11, 1976




  • 1899
  • 1930 (Herbert H. Dow's death)
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