Scholarships & Grants


  • MiSSG provides students, high school counselors, and college financial aid personnel access to records, applications, and information from SSG.


    For students to have access to the MiSSG Student Portal, they must have a current-year Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file.  First time student users must have their Social Security number when signing up. To begin, click “Sign up” and create a username and password.

    High School Counselor

    For high school counselors to have access to MiSSG, a Data Use Agreement (DUA) must be signed by the high school principal who authorizes the users on the Data Receiver Designee form.  A username and temporary password will be assigned by SSG and emailed to the Data Receiver Designee(s).

    College Administrator

    For college financial aid personnel to have access to MiSSG, they must complete the College Security Access Form.  A username and temporary password will be assigned by SSG and emailed to the authorized financial aid personnel.

    For questions about MiSSG, please e-mail or call 888-4-GRANTS (888-447-2687). A recorded webinar for aid offices and a video for high school counselors is available.  Additional video demonstrations are coming soon.

    *Currently, the Michigan Tuition Grant (MTG) and Michigan Competitive Scholarship (MCS) are the only SSG programs on MiSSG.
    However, other SSG programs will soon follow.

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