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Affording College in Michigan

2014 High School Counselor Webcast – Helping Students Prepare for College

The 2014 High School Counselor Webcast was held on Friday, October 17 in partnership with the Michigan Student Financial Aid Association (MSFAA) and SSG with the theme of “Helping Students Prepare for College.” The Webcast included a Federal and State update, information on college preparation, college admissions, and alternative forms of postsecondary education. There were 33 host sites with attendance near 700 participants. Thank you to everyone who participated. If you missed the Webcast, you may view here.

Please contact Patty Hill at or 517-373-6051 if you have any questions.

College is an investment you make in yourself and the best way is to start planning early. Valuable information is available for students, parents, and high school counselors.

High School Counselors

Federal Student Aid Program Requirements

As legislative changes come about, students should be aware of all new requirements for the federal student aid programs. This would include grants and scholarships (e.g., Pell Grant, etc.), Direct Student Loans, Perkins Loans, and Aid to Military Families.

Budgeting for College

As students prepare to enter college, it is important that they learn how to set goals, assess their needs realistically, budget how they will live, manage credit, and develop good spending and saving habits that will make a positive difference in their financial future. SSG has prepared a budget sheet and college checklist to help students plan ahead.

Why Should I Attend College Fairs?

A college fair is an event organized by a high school, school district, or community organization and sponsored by school boards or professional guidance associations. This setting provides an excellent opportunity for students and parents to learn about many different universities and their admission requirements in one evening. Additional information is available on getting the most out of college fairs:

Choosing a Career

What are your dreams? What are your goals? Where do you want to be ten years from now?

Answering these questions involves career planning. It is never too early to start planning for a career; students can start as early as middle school. The links listed below provide insight on self-assessment, occupational options, and action steps needed to achieve your lifetime career.

College costs have increased over the last ten years; however, options are still available. Planning ahead will provide the most benefits.

Affording College Guidebook PDF Icon

This guidebook was designed to help high school and college students as they prepare for and complete their postsecondary education. It includes information such as how to prepare for college while in high school, saving and planning, and choosing a college.

Michigan Postsecondary Handbook

A comprehensive but concise handbook that contains current information on admission requirements, campus characteristics, program offerings and application procedures for each postsecondary institution in Michigan.

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