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Due to a mail server failure, scholarship search requests submitted from Wednesday, October 4, 2017 to Monday, October 9, 2017 will need to be resubmitted. MI Student Aid regrets the inconvenience and wishes our Michigan students and families the best in their search for resources supporting college education.

Note: A first generation college student is someone whose parents did not attend college. You can be a first-generation if you are the first person from your family to attend college, or if your sibling went and you are going, too.

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MI Student Aid houses a database of Michigan place-based scholarships. A Michigan place-based scholarship means that one of the scholarship components is linked to a Michigan school, county, city or region. The database does not contain Michigan scholarships without a place-based component. While the MI Student Aid database is an excellent source for local scholarships, a successful scholarship application strategy should also include national, state, and college/institutional scholarship applications as well. For more information about scholarship application best practices, see MI Student Aid Scholarship Best Practices.