We're Hiring TWO Staff Engineering positions: 1) Perform research in regulating electric rates and tariffs. POSTING CLOSES 11/19/17. 2) Assist with the development, implementation, and operation of PSC regulatory responsibilities. POSTING CLOSES 11/30/17

The PSC has posted the following 2 vacancies on the Civil Service website:


1) Public Utilities Engineer 9-12, Operations & Wholesale Markets Division, Electric Operations Section, Supervisor – Don Mazuchowski

JOB #: 6401-17-PSC 271 ElecOpPUE



Serve as a Staff Engineer in the Electric Operations Section performing engineering duties related to the Commission's regulation of electric rates and tariffs, electric outages, electric reliability, power quality, investigations of abnormal electric service and customer complaints, electric territory disputes and stray voltage.  Employee will conduct research of new technologies that can improve electric distribution performance such as grid modernization and analyze the impact in rate proceedings. 


Please see posting for further information. 



2) Public Utilities Engineer 9-12, Electric Reliability Division, Generation & Certificate of Need Section, Supervisor – Steve Kulesia

JOB #: 6401-17-PSC 270 GCNPUE

Serve as a Staff Engineer providing integral support on the development, implementation, and operation of PSC regulatory responsibilities 

Please see posting for further information.