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bullet icon Look Up Gas Stations Throughout the State - Worried about gas prices near you? Look up the average price for a specific city.

bullet icon Unleaded Gasoline Prices - Average Detroit Metropolitan Area Self-Serve Prices: source the AAA Fuel Gauge

bullet icon - Visual representation of average unleaded fuel prices by county.

bullet icon AAA Fuel Gauge State Listing - Average gasoline prices for three grades of fuel and diesel indexed by state.

bullet icon Annual Oil Market Chronology - Graph and explanation of oil prices by barrel since 1970.

bullet icon Gasoline and diesel fuel - Energy Information Administration (EIA). Updated gasoline and diesel fuel information

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Residential Prices - Statewide survey of home heating oil and propane prices

bullet icon Residential Heating Oil Prices - Energy Information Administration (EIA). Prices are by region and state

bullet icon Residential Propane Prices - Energy Information Administration (EIA). Prices are by region and state.

bullet icon Oilnergy - Daily and historical graphs for energy and Dow Jones indices


Gasoline Pricing Practices:

If you have information regarding potential unfair gasoline pricing practices, you may file a gasoline price gouging complaint online.

You may also call Consumer Protection Division at 517-373-1140.

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