operations & wholesale markets

Brian Ballinger, Director

The Operations & Wholesale Markets Division provides the Commission with technical assistance, recommendations on electric and natural gas services, and issues necessary to ensure that regulated electric and natural gas services are provided in a safe, reliable, and efficient manner to enhance Michigan's competitive economic environment. Other division responsibilities include monitoring other programs, such as energy and utility forecasts, tracking the adequacy of the State's energy supply, researching, homeland security, and critical infrastructure protection, as well as website operations and applications.

The division is also accountable for monitoring federal and regional electric and natural gas issues, and recommending policy proposals at the federal and regional levels. Four sections comprise the Operations and Wholesale Markets Division: Electric Operations, Gas Operations, Energy Markets and Energy Data & Security.

Contact the Operations & Wholesale Markets Division @ 517-241-6070
Fax: @ 517-241-6071
Gas Operations Section @ 517-241-6123