Financial Analysis & Audit

Bill Stosik, Director

The Financial Analysis & Audit Division was established in July of 2012 and is responsible for accounting and audit issues, financial statistics, resource adequacy and administration of Michigan's gas and electric customer choice programs. This division also administers the maintenance of annual reports and public utility assessments on an annual basis. The Financial Analysis & Audit Division consists of two sections: Revenue Requirements and Resource Adequacy & Retail Choice.

Revenue Requirements is responsible for accounting and audit issues during general rate cases including the development of revenue requirements, cost of capital, capital structure, return on equity and mergers and acquisitions. This section is also responsible for the administration of the Uniform Systems of Accounts.

Resource Adequacy & Retail Choice is responsible for programs related to electric generating capacity, resource adequacy, energy and capacity modeling, electricity and natural gas retail choice, administration of the CompareMIGas website and the licensing of alternative suppliers.

Contact the Financial Analysis & Audit Division @ 517-284-8250
Fax: @ 517-284-8249