2014 Michigan Statewide Interoperable Communications Training Conference

On behalf of the conference committee, thank you for joining us at the 2014 Michigan Statewide Interoperable Communications Training Conference. We certainly hope the conference met your expectations and that you walked away with information that will support the public safety network in your community.

Going forward, it is critical we stay the course in improving communications, interoperability, and information sharing between public safety agencies across the state and regionally with our bordering states. In an emergency, every link in the chain is critical. We must be on the same page and committed to our shared strategic vision of interoperability. Conferences such as this one provide a necessary touch-point for working together, exploring new technology, and committing to Michigan's interoperable communication networks – the backbone of our public safety efforts.

The citizens of Michigan rely on us to ensure interoperable communications is always at the ready, from reliable equipment to tested processes and connectivity. An emergency should never be our wake-up call. We must therefore draw upon the experiences of others to help fortify our preparedness for what emergency or planned event may be coming down the road.

If we can be of any help, please know that our doors are always open to you.


Brad Stoddard, Director
Michigan's Public Safety Communications System
Department of Technology, Management & Budget
Statewide Interoperability Coordinator (SWIC)

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