Homeownership Resources

  • Getting Started with a MSHDA Loan Getting Started with a MSHDA Mortgage Dreaming of owning a home? MSHDA has many different loan programs to help you become a homeowner. These programs include down payment assistance, and friendly Housing Counselors who will give you straight answers to your home buying questions. At MSHDA, we are ready to help you become a homeowner. Let's get started - together.
  • Downpayment Assistance Down Payment Assistance For many low-to-moderate income homebuyers and persons with disabilities, saving money for a down payment can be a challenge. Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) has programs to help you buy your dream home sooner.
  • MSHDA Mortgage Credit Certificate Program Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) Program MSHDA's MCC Program allows a federal tax credit to new, qualified homebuyers. Homebuyers taking advantage of the MCC Program may qualify for 20% of their annual mortgage interest paid to be credited against their year-end tax liability. Find out how to qualify for this great program!
  • Homeownership Counseling Homeownership Counseling Programs Homebuyer education and counseling classes are available to those considering home purchase or to homeowners through MSHDA's Homeownership Counseling Program. Educational classes ensure that homebuyers and homeowners have a good understanding of their mortgage loan and the responsibilities of sustainable homeownership.

Homeownership Contacts