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    Have you applied for a MSHDA mortgage and need to meet the Homebuyer Education requirement?  Are you a homeowner who is having trouble making your mortgage payments? Or had an involuntary hardship that caused you to fall behind on your real estate taxes? Do you already have a MSHDA mortgage and have questions about your loan or would like to learn how to maintain your home? Then we're here to help!

    MSHDA's Step Forward Michigan forgivable loan programs can help you catch up on delinquent payments and taxes or even help you make your mortgage payments while you are drawing Michigan unemployment benefits. Select the link above to start an application or call us toll-free at 866-946-7432 for more information.

    MSHDA's statewide network of Housing Educators can help you meet the Homebuyer Education requirement for our Down Payment Assistance program, facilitate finding local resources or even lend a hand if you’re facing foreclosure. Select the link above to find a counseling agency near you or select stages of foreclosure to review your options.

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