Featured Artists Bios

Marshall Fredericks has contributed many sculptures to Michigan, but probably the most notable would be his Spirit of Detroit located at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center in Detroit, Michigan.

Tyree Guyton's most notable Michigan connection is through the extraordinary art he has done for the Heidelberg Art Project in Detroit.

David Barr not only has a lot of his installations scattered throughout the state of Michigan, but is also the founder of Michigan Legacy Art Park. Barr envisioned this as a habitat for artists to recreate their story of Michigan through the use of "fundamental materials of nature".

"Kirk Newman has been an influential presence on the cultural landscape of Kalamazoo and the surrounding community for years. Best known as the creator of some of the city's signature sculptural landmarks, Newman has also created a distinctive body of personal work centering on the seemingly nondescript forms of the businessman and people in motion."

Simon Pearce is a talented Irish craftsman who resides in Vermont, however his many glass artworks can be purchased through a handful of signature stores here in Michigan.