MSHDA Fair Housing Survey

2016 Consolidated Plan

MSHDA is seeking as many perspectives on fair housing issues as possible to help shape the recommendations in the state’s Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing, which is currently underway.  We are pleased to announce that the Fair Housing Survey is now available at the following link:

The link provided above will take you to a survey page that includes question sets for residents, government stakeholders, and non-governmental partners.

Please note, that you may complete this survey twice- once for your organization as a stakeholder, and once as a resident of Michigan.  (Please coordinate your organization’s response and submit just one survey on behalf of your organization.

Finally, if you need paper versions of this survey, then we are happy to provide them in pdf format for you to print and share with others. You may contact our office at 517.335.2524 to receive a pdf version. Once completed you can scan and send responses to the

The survey will close on April 8, 2016.


Thank you for taking time to complete the survey.