Impaired Driving in Michigan

Information on the  Michigan Drunk Driving Audit 

2013 Michigan Crash Facts 

Alcohol- and Drug-Related Fatalities 






Total Crashes 


Michigan has a .08 blood-alcohol content (BAC) drunk driving law and a zero tolerance limit for minors.

Impaired driving represents one-third of the state's traffic deaths. Michigan State Police, Criminal Justice Information Center (CJIC)

Michigan law enforcement agencies arrest an average of 103 motorists a day for drunk and impaired driving. CJIC

Crashes involving drinking tend to be more serious than non-drinking crashes. The percentage of fatalities is eight times higher than in all crashes, and the number of crashes at the most serious injury level are almost four times higher. CJIC 

The severity of injuries is much worse for drivers and passengers who had been drinking. CJIC

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