2009 Crime Data and Statistics

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2009 Preliminary 6 Months Crime Stats

Cities Most in Population Crime Trends 

State Total Data   (actual reported data)  
     Michigan Crimes "At A Glance" 
     Total Statewide Arrests   
          Murders by Month
          Rapes by Month                        
          Aggravated Assault   
          Aggravated Assaults by Month   
          Motor Vehicle Theft   

Domestic Violence, Hate Crime, LEOKA Data  
     Domestic Violence 
     Hate/Bias Crime 
     Law Enforcement Officers Killed or Assaulted (LEOKA) 

County/Agency Data  
     Agency Information 
     Multi-Jurisdictional Task Forces 
     Offenses by County/Agency (includes a map) 
     Arrests by County/Agency (includes a map) 
     Age of Arrests by County/Agency/Crime Type 

     A - Glossary 
     B - Public Act 319 of 1968 
     C - Estimation Procedures 
     D - Data Use 
     E - Agencies Reporting in More Than One County 
     F - MICR Group A/Group B File Class Mapping Chart