The Michigan State Police Identity Theft Teams primarily investigate identity theft that has taken place in the State of Michigan. If your complaint concerns identity theft outside the State of Michigan, please contact a local, state, or federal law enforcement agency where the activity has occurred to file a complaint or make a report.

If you feel that you are the victim of a financial crime, you may complete the form below

Identity Theft Victim Information (DD-014)

This form is a PDF document which requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
You may download the reader free of charge.

Once you have printed and completed the form, gather copies (no originals please) of any and all documents that you feel are important to your complaint provide them to your local law enforcement agency. The Federal Trade Commission encourages you to be persistent. Local authorities may tell you that they can't take a report, however Michigan law has made a victim's hometown police department the standard reporting agency for identity theft. Under new Michigan Law, a victim is entitled to file a report of identity theft within three different venues listed under MCL 762.10c. A police agency within any of those jurisdications is required by Michigan Law to take the report under MCL 780.754a .

A police report is important because many creditors require one to resolve your dispute and credit bureaus will automatically block the fraudulent accounts and bad debts from appearing on your credit report. If you can't get the local police to file a report, be sure to check with the county or state police in your area.