The services listed below are provided to the law enforcement community:

  • Initiate criminal investigations of identity theft in detail and in a manner consistent with the severity of the crime.
  • Prosecute violators by preparing and presenting structured cases to The Michigan Attorney General's Office, The United States Attorney's Office, and local Prosecutor's Office's.
  • Cooperate with other Federal and local agencies by sharing resources and information needed to pursue and present cases for prosecution.
  • Assist victims by providing them with an outline of the steps to take and the appropriate consumer protection agencies to contact in order to protect themselves from further victimization.


The following parameters are required to be completed prior to Michigan State Police Identity Theft Teams assisting or assuming an investigation:

  • The originating agency shall provide a detailed report of the incident. Those incident reports will only be accepted from supervision.
  • The originating agency shall have the victim complete the Identity Theft Victim Information form (DD-14).
  • The originating agency may be responsible for obtaining search warrants and investigative subpoenas on a case by case basis.
  • The originating agency shall provide the victim with the Crime Victim's Rights form.
  • The originating agency shall refer the victim to the Federal Trade Commission at or 1-877-IDTHEFT.
  • The originating agency shall have the victim provide a notarized release of information form (DD-24).
  • The originating agency shall have the victim provide a notarized Affidavit of Forgery. (CIS-10)


All cases will be reviewed by IDTT personnel prior to their acceptance. There will be no specific financial threshold utilized to determine if the case will be accepted by IDTT. However, IDTT will consider factors, such as the quantity and cooperation of victims, number and financial amount of transactions, frequency of transactions, apparent organization of the identity theft cell, jurisdictional venue, and accomplishment of the aforementioned parameters by the originating agency, in determining IDTT's level of involvement.


CIS-10 - Affidavit of Fraud & Forgery Form - (doc)
DD-008 - Certification of Records - (pdf)
DD-009 - Identity Theft - Witness Statement - (pdf)
DD-014 - Identity Theft Victim Information - (pdf)
DD-024 - Authorization for Release of Information - (pdf)
Letter to Collection Agencies - (doc)
Letter to Credit Grantors - (doc)
Letter to Flag Accounts - (doc)