Field Support and Aviation Section

Field Support and Aviation

The Field Support and Aviation Section provides specialized services in support of all law enforcement within this state. The section consists of the Canine Unit, Emergency Support Team, Aviation Unit, Underwater Recovery Unit, and Bomb Squad Unit. The section can be reached by phone at (517) 335-9900 or fax at (517) 335-9908.

To obtain the assistance of one of these specialized units, requests can be routed through any Michigan State Police Post, Michigan State Police District Headquarters, Michigan State Police Regional Dispatch Center or the Michigan State Police Operations Center.

  • Aviation Unit
    The Michigan State Police Aviation Unit provides essential aviation support to all Michigan law enforcement agencies and to the citizen community at large.
  • Bomb Squad Section
    The Bomb Squad consists of 15 members assigned to seven regional bomb teams. These teams provide statewide response coverage to suspect explosive devices and Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) incidents.
  • Canine Unit 
    The Canine Unit provides canine tracking, searching and detection services to the Michigan State Police and other law enforcement agencies throughout the State of Michigan.
  • Emergency Support Team 
    The Emergency Support Team was created in 1974. The initial training for this unit came from the San Diego and Los Angeles Police Departments, and military forces. The unit was created to handle the highly dangerous and critical incidents facing law enforcement.
  • Underwater Recovery Unit 
    The Underwater Recovery Unit provides diving expertise for the department, most generally in the areas of body recovery, evidence collection and recovery of stolen property.