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Questions about MICR should be directed to your representatives listed below: 

Monica Jenkins, Manager (JenkinsM9@michigan.gov) 517-241-1880    

Wendy Easterbrook (EasterbrookW@michigan.gov) 517-241-1875  

Denise Barnes (BarnesD2@michigan.gov) 517-241-0059  

  • MSP Dashboard Specialist 
Michelle Martz  (MartzM@michigan.gov) 517-241-1889
  • Student Assistant

Karis Olney  (OlneyK2@michigan.gov) 517-241-1886

  • Counties 1 - 49

 Robert Schafer  (SchaferR3@michigan.gov) 517-241-1892

  • Counties 50 - 83
  • CLEMIS Agencies
  • Law Enforcement Officers Killed or Assaulted

MICR Testing and Certification

All agencies must go through the testing and certification process when changing records management system (RMS) vendors. If your current vendor installs a major upgrade, you may also need to test your MICR files.

Elizabeth Arritt (ArrittE@michigan.gov) 517-241-1907

  • MICR Specification Changes
  • National Incident Based Reporting System
  • Training
  • Tribal Agencies
Jessica Kines (KinesJ@michigan.gov) 517-241-7445
  • Hate/Bias Reports
  • Quality Assurance Reviews
  • Vendor Testing
Bradley Rahn  (RahnB@michigan.gov) 517-241-1914
  • MiCJIN Portal Agencies
  • Quality Assurance Reviews
  • Training
  • Vendor Testing
  • Most In Population Cities: Ann Arbor, Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Sterling Heights, Warren