Be Prepared:

  • Do not build houses, buildings, parks, or playgrounds close to steep slopes.
  • Have flexible pipe fittings installed to avoid breakage of gas and water lines.

Be Safe:

  • Severe Storms and Tornadoes
  • Fires
  • Melting Snow
  • If your house is suddenly modified with new cracks in the plaster or foundations, or windows and doors become jammed for the first time.
  • Unusual sounds like trees cracking.


  • Listen to you NOAA Weather Radio or local news stations for evacuation orders and instructions.
  • Evacuate your home as quickly as possible.
  • Follow only designated evacuation routes.


  • Check on elderly who may not have been able to evacuate.
  • Stay away from the area where the landslide occurred until local officials have designated the area as safe for return.
  • Stay away from downed electrical lines, and damaged water, gas, and sewage lines.

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