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Attend each court hearing relevant to the foster child's case.

All court hearings are open to the public unless the court specifically closes the hearing for certain reasons. Attending court hearings can provide a better understanding of the legal proceedings and the role each party plays in the child's case. If you are unaware of when or where the child's hearings are held, simply ask the caseworker.
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 •  Talk directly to the child's foster care worker if you have a question or concern about the child's case plan or the agency's recommendations.
 •  Be sure you have all of the case information to which you are entitled regarding your foster child's case.
 •  Initiate and maintain contact with the child's Lawyer Guardian Ad Litem, the person appointed by the court to represent the child in abuse/neglect proceedings.
 •  Provide a written statement to the worker and request that it be attached to the service plan.
 •  Attend and participate in the Foster Care Review Board (FCRB) proceedings.
 •  Exercise your right to appeal the decision to remove a foster child from your home.
 •  Educate yourself about the policies that govern children's protective services, foster care, and adoption.
 •  It is important for foster parents and relative care providers to be a part of the team that plans for the foster children in their home.
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