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  • “[OK2SAY] is clearly one of the most effective tools for students to report issues, harassment and bullying in a confidential yet responsible manner.

Our school has benefited from the information that we receive, not only to identify problems but also to discredit rumors too. It gives school officials much needed time to possibly intervene before a situation escalates. It has been a valuable tool.”

Jim Ellis, Asst. Principal, Romeo High School

  • “Before seeing the assembly program and beginning using OK2SAY, I was skeptical about how it would be used by students. After a year using [OK2SAY], I highly recommend that schools promote OK2SAY to students, parents and others who are interested in keeping students safe.

The tipline has been invaluable as a way for concerned individuals to let us know about issues that may be endangering one or more students, and tipline staff communicate information to us promptly, allowing staff to follow up in a timely manner.

We have . . . gained valuable information through tips submitted.”

Michelle Herzing, Middle School Professor, Pennfield Middle School

  • “[OK2SAY] is a . . . great way to give students a voice and be proactive in their school community.”

James Hunter, Principal, Liberty Middle School

  • “OK2SAY is a must for every high school in Michigan. It affords students and staff a place to turn when they need it most. Anyone can encounter a situation where they need some help, but time, place, or circumstance does not afford the opportunity to get someone to intervene. OK2SAY provides the timely intervention that could possibly make all the difference in a person's well-being. It provides hope, support, and assistance to someone who needs it, at a time when they need it most. It provides an extra layer of safety and welfare for individuals, schools, and communities. All schools need to take advantage of the support and interventions this program provides. It can make a difference in lives of young people.”

Ron Kramer, Assistant Principal, Ovid-Elsie High School

  • “The single greatest deterrent [to] kids reporting possible dangers in school is the fear of retaliation. OK2Say gives kids the opportunity to report without fear.”

Chris Kregel, School Administrator, Springport Public Schools

  • “The students were engaged in [the student safety presentation] . . . and have found [the OK2SAY] reporting system to be fast and useful.”

Shae McKinnon, School Counselor, Bangor High School

  • “In most cases, without OK2SAY the information would have never made it to us.  I have been pleased. It is streamlined, effective and useful!”

Glenn Mitcham, Principal, Central Middle School (Ada, MI)

  • “The people trained to work in this program are very professional and have excellent follow up and follow through.”

Denny J. Roehm, Principal, Portage West Middle School

  • "OK2SAY is making a positive difference in the lives of students across the state of Michigan. Michigan's students are now empowered to take action with this system and are advocating for themselves, their friends and others. Students have personally shared that OK2SAY is helping them have a supportive, safe and caring culture at school."

Jo Spry, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning, Cedar Springs Public Schools

  • "It has been most helpful in identifying students in need that we may not have otherwise known about."

Erin Cole, School Counselor, Rockford Public School

  • "OK2SAY is the first hotline that students of all ages can call make tips to local school and police to inform them of any danger of self-harm that students make toward themselves or others. And the tipster does not feel like a snitch. Students are more apt to call in knowing that no one will ever know they called. It's a great program."

Harry Werkema, Safety Officer, Wayland Union Schools

  • "I fully support the OK2SAY program and would recommend it to other districts. OK2SAY enables students, parents, school staff, and other community stakeholders by confidentially allowing them to alert school and/or law enforcement personnel to potential safety threats."

Arthur W. O'Neal II, Chief of Security, Saginaw Public Schools

  • "In the world of bullying prevention, we all need to be creative and think very differently. When the idea for OK2SAY was brought up, the response was ‘No one will use it’. Two years and close to 5,000 reports filed later, we've changed the playing field and given kids and parents hope."

    Kevin Epling, Parent Advocate