Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

Please use these PSAs to help educate others about the OK2SAY Student Safety Program.


Audio Files


Video Files
Tom Izzo OK2SAY PSA (Length: 30 seconds)

Suzy Merchant OK2SAY PSA (Length: 1:05)

Empty Seat (Length: 2:29)

Empty Seat - Extended (Length: 3:06)

Student Video PSA Files

Breaking the Code of Silence (Length: 26 seconds)

Bullying (Length: 24 seconds)

Cyberbullying (Length: 1 minute)

I'm Afraid (Length: 42 seconds )

OK2SAY - What You Can Report (Length: 58 seconds)

Preventing Tragedies (Length: 33 seconds)

Self-harm (Length: 32 seconds)

Submitting a Tip (Length: 57 seconds)

Suicide - Secret
 (Length: 54 seconds)

Suicide (Length:1 minute, 7 seconds)

You're Not Alone (Length: 55 seconds)