DOCDepartment of Corrections


Measuring Performance

Review performance levels and trends by downloading the current MDOC Scorecard.


Our Vision is based on the following principles:

  1. We will remain committed to the protection of the public, safety of our staff, and security of offenders.
  2. We will actively engage in the development of effective criminal justice policy.
  3. We will ensure sound management using proven fiscal practices and outcome-oriented strategies.
  4. We will hire, train, equip, support, and mentor a high quality staff and hold them to the highest professional standards.
  5. We will provide humane and protective custodial care, rehabilitative opportunities, and reentry assistance for offenders under our supervision.
  6. We will establish meaningful partnerships with public and private entities to assist us in successfully accomplishing our mission.
  7. We will conduct all of our duties and responsibilities with the highest degree of integrity, expectations for excellence, and respect for the value and dignity of human life.


Our Mission is to create a safer Michigan through effective offender management and supervision in our facilities and communities while holding offenders accountable and promoting their rehabilitation.



Our Goals include the following:

  1. Protect the public: Safe and secure facilities.
  2. Protect the public: Best practices, parole decision making and supervision.
  3. Restructuring of prisoner reentry programs.
  4. Efficient use of state resources.
  5. Leverage technology to achieve agency goals.