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Please do not use this form to send comments relating to proposed draft rules as part of the public hearing process prescribed by the Administrative Procedures Act. You should submit such comments to the promulgating department or agency. Comments on existing statutes or pending legislation are outside of the scope of the ORR and should be directed to your legislator.

Michigan's citizens deserve a regulatory system that fosters business growth and job creation. The Office of Regulatory Reinvention (ORR) is dedicated to working with all citizens to identify obsolete, burdensome and unnecessary regulations that are limiting economic growth.   

We need your help. We would appreciate hearing your thoughts regarding which existing regulations could be changed or eliminated in order to make Michigan's regulatory system more simple, fair, efficient, and transparent.

Your suggestion will be automatically routed to the ORR. Your E-Mail Address is required in case the ORR staff needs to contact you with questions or requires additional information. Please specify which rules, rule numbers, or rule set titles your comment addresses, so that the ORR can more effectively respond to your concerns. 

Thank you for your contribution to the Office of Regulatory Reinvention's goal of creating a more favorable business environment in Michigan!

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