Tracking Your Assets

Asset Tracking DocumentTechnology continues to make life easier on many of us. Chirping key chains help us find lost keys, a simple phone call can unlock our car doors, and a GPS (global positioning system) can give us instant turn-by-turn directions to a destination. But could you or your heirs as easily find the way to your assets and important information?

In this electronic age, it is especially important to keep clear, up-to-date records of your income, assets, insurances, will, and other personal records and openly communicate them with your heirs. In the event of your death, they can easily take care of business, follow your wishes, and not overlook any assets.

Experts suggest creating an ATD (assets tracking document) for locating your personal information. It should include key contact information (lawyer, accountant, ORS, etc.) as well as where to find your assets, records, documents, and computer access information. Keep the paper file in a secure location and share it with the people you trust.

For your convenience, we've created the document in two formats. The Adobe PDF format allows you to easily print the document as we designed it and fill it in by hand. The MS Word format allows you to easily type your information into the document using your computer.

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