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Website Feedback

Use this form to provide feedback about our website. Your input regarding the navigation of the site, the flow of information, the ease of finding the information you need, and the look of the site is not only important to us, but will help us determine future improvements for the site. While we will review your comments and use them to help improve our site, we regret that we cannot respond to all of the comments received.

Note: The feedback form is for expressing comments about the website only. We cannot respond to retirement related questions submitted through this feedback form. Please use the miAccount message board to correspond securely with an ORS representative.

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The retirement plan information that appears on ORS websites is intended to summarize basic provisions of Public Acts 300 of 1980, 240 of 1942, 182 of 1986, and 234 of 1992, as amended. Current laws, rates, and factors are subject to change. Should there be discrepancies between the information reflected here and the actual law, the provisions of the law govern.

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