Mission and Functions

Employee Health Management

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EHM staff is dedicated to developing and implementing efficient and effective statewide disability management, safety & health, and drug and alcohol testing systems. These systems will include active management of the state's disability benefit programs, giving technical assistance and supporting the state departments' challenge to reduce work related injuries and illnesses and achieving the earliest practical return to work for employees away from work due to temporary or permanent disabilities. EHM is also committed to administering the contract for the state's drug and alcohol testing programs, and providing technical assistance when requested.

EHM - Responsibilities


The Employee Health Management Division is charged with the responsibilities of:

  • Disability Management:  Our focus is to promote a "Best Practice" Return to Work Case Management Model to assist state departments and Case Managers in addressing disability management needs.  Components of the state's Case Management model include disability claims management, Transitional Employment Program, and the Department Case Management Teams.  A Work Experience Program is also part of the disability management process.  Supervisor Evaluation and Agreement forms are available for those individuals and departments participating in this work experience program.  EHM provides Americans with Disabilities Act technical assistance to the state departments' Accommodation Coordinators.

  • Disability Plan Administration: The focus of EHM is to effectively manage the State of Michigan's disability benefit plans for employees out of work due to work related or off duty injuries or illnesses.  For duty-related injuries or illnesses, the Workers' Compensation Agency has informational publications describing employee's rights and responsibilities and information regarding vocational rehabilitation for injured workers.  The booklet, "Long Term Disability and Income Protection Plan for State of Michigan Employees", describes employee's benefits for non-work related injuries and illnesses. 

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing:  EHM is responsible for administering the contract that provides technical support and testing services for the State of Michigan Drug and Alcohol Testing Program.  This service includes support service to the department Drug and Alcohol Testing Coordinators.  

  • Safety and Health:  EHM's focus is to create and promote a model safety and occupational health system designed to comply with the provisions of the State of Michigan Safety & Health Policy Statement, and assist state departments and Safety Coordinators in meeting their safety and health needs. EHM is the state's central resource for safety, promoting MIOSHA programs, coordinating safety activities, and providing safety and health training programs. EHM will also provide state departments with tools to identify injury and illness targets, worker's comp and LTD cost targets, and risk assessment, departmental safety audit or assessment tools.