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Archery Tournaments

  • Tournaments: Maintaining the Focus on Kids Enjoying SuccessWaverly Middle School Archery TeamThe NASP, even during a competition, offers an activity that students of all genders and abilities can participate in. Tournaments are designed to provide a fun and safe learning activity for developing student archers. However, competitions are not as important as continuing the positive experience of archery for students. Likewise it is more important that each student be a very safe archer who cares more about proper form and shot execution than arrow scores.
  • Why Compete?Waverly M.S. Student Scoring ArrowsFor student archers the state tournament is a practical demonstration that archery can be even more enjoyable outside the classroom. Many students become more interested in archery when they have an opportunity to compete, like athletes in other sports. Participation in NASP tournaments brings that goal to fruition for these students. Also, it is logical that the more frequent and varied the student's archery activities, the more likely they are to adopt archery as a personal, life-long pursuit.
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