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Release Date: March 05, 2012 
Last Update: March 05, 2012 

MPSC Issues 2011 Annual Report
Contact:  Judy Palnau, 517-241-3323
Agency:  Michigan Public Service Commission

March 5, 2012 - The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) today issued its 2011 annual report to Governor Rick Snyder and the Michigan Legislature.

Highlights of the report including the following: 

  • The Vulnerable Household Warmth Fund (VHWF) was created in December to replace the Low-Income and Energy Efficiency Fund, which the Michigan Court of Appeals in July found the MPSC did not have the statutory authority to administer.  The MPSC awarded grants totaling $23 million on a pro-rated basis to prior grantees from the new VHWF.
  • The Commission continued its consumer outreach efforts by hosting seven statewide consumer forums, making its Commission meetings available via podcast, handling 19,239 calls on its toll-free line, and assisting consumers and businesses with more than 7,097 electric and natural gas complaints and inquiries, 2,124 telecommunications complaints and inquiries, and 757 video/cable complaints and inquiries.  In addition, the Commission's program to assist small businesses with regulated utility complaints processed 1,036 of these types of complaints.
  • The Commission issued 700 orders, consisting of 182 telecommunications, 440 electric, 70 natural gas, and eight motor carrier orders.  The Commission also issued 350 applications or modifications for authority under the Motor Carrier Act.
  • The Commission approved the construction of seven new natural gas pipelines. 
  • The Commission revised the retail natural gas rates of Consumers Energy Company and SEMCO Energy Gas Company, and the retail electric rates of The Detroit Edison Company, Northern States Power Company, and Upper Peninsula Power Company. 
  • The Commission revised its Mergers and Acquisitions Standards rules and completed a rules review to identify obsolete rules that could be rescinded.  It also promulgated new rules regarding 9-1-1 multiline telephone systems, and telecommunications arbitration and mediation.
  • The MPSC's work in the telecommunications area included a focus on intrastate access charge reform, the implementation of the Access Restructuring Mechanism fund, and the amendments to the Michigan Telecommunications Act.  The Commission also approved 53 carriers as eligible telecommunications carriers to apply for federal Universal Service funding.  Additionally, the Commission has had great success with the Connect Michigan broadband program.
  • The Commission also implemented the modifications that Public Act 111 of 2011 made to the Motor Carrier Act, which subjects all businesses that tow or transport vehicles to Commission regulation.


The entire report is available on the MPSC website here.


The MPSC is an agency within the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.


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