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'This is our moment of opportunity'
Rick Snyder sworn in as Michigan's 48th governor, calls for cooperation, courage, innovation

Governor Snyder

LANSING, MI - Gov. Rick Snyder in his inaugural address today called for a culture change in which cooperation, courage and innovation will lead the way to reinvented economy and enhanced quality of life in Michigan.

Gov. Snyder made his remarks on the Capitol steps upon taking the oath of office to become Michigan’s 48th governor. 

“It is time to stop fighting among ourselves,” Gov. Snyder said.  “It is time to solve our problems and create new opportunities.”

Gov. Snyder’s commitment to bipartisanship and public service was reflected in the inaugural ceremony, in which local and state leaders of both political parties were invited to participate.  Detroit Mayor Dave Bing emceed the event and Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell delivered the innovation and closing prayer.  Gov. Snyder was pleased to have the legislative majority and minority leaders share the stage, which was not the case in previous inaugurations.  Former Govs. Jennifer Granholm and John Engler also bridged the political gap by attending.

“We need to put party and geography aside and come together as Michiganders to reinvent Michigan,” Gov. Snyder said.

Getting Michigan back on track will require sacrifice and a new mind-set, the governor cautioned.

“It won’t be simple or easy,” Gov. Snyder said.  “There is no magic solution to our problems.  But with most of our problems, there also comes opportunities.  It will require shared sacrifice from all of us.  Many have already made sacrifices.  Many of us need to join those who have already contributed.”

Doing so will enable Michigan to achieve key goals such as becoming a globally competitive leader in innovation, creating more and better jobs and providing young people with greater opportunities and a bright future in the state.     

Gov. Snyder pointed out the perils facing Michigan if its leaders continue to do business as usual.

“The old ways don’t work and it is time to start a new era,” he said.  “This is our moment of opportunity to realize we have a bright future instead of a declining future.”

Michigan already has many building blocks for success in place, according to Gov. Snyder.  Its world-class universities, unmatched natural resources and the entrepreneurial spirit of its people make Michigan unique.  The inauguration showcased that theme by offering an abundance of food products grown or made in Michigan.

The governor said he looks forward to hitting the ground running with Lt. Gov. Brian Calley, legislative leaders and stakeholders across the state.

“I have been hired to represent all people of the state of Michigan and move us all forward together,” Gov. Snyder said. “We all want to live in a state of high expectations – and results. We can only achieve extraordinary things if we aspire beyond traditional thinking.  The old unbelievable needs to become the new achievable.  Let today be the birth of a new chapter in Michigan’s history.  Let today be the birth of the era of innovation and reinvention.”


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