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    State Board of Professional Surveyors

    The Board of Professional Surveyors was created under Article 20 of PA 299 of 1980, as amended to license and regulate the practice of land surveying in Michigan. Article 20 defines a professional surveyor as a person who by reason of knowledge of law, mathematics, physical sciences, and techniques of measuring land acquired by professional education and practical experience is qualified to engage in the practice of professional surveying. The Board works with the Department to oversee the practice of professional surveyors.


    The board consists of 9 members: 5 architects, 1 professional engineer who is a member of the board of professional engineers, 1 professional surveyor who is a member of the board of professional surveyors, and 2 public members. Each member serves 4 year terms.


    Click here to access the Board of Professional Surveyors homepage and meeting information  



    Public Act 299 of 1980, MCLA 339.2002


    Contact Information


    LARA -- Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs
    Corporations, Securities & Commerical Licensing Bureau
    Phone: (517) 241-9288
    Licensing Division Email:




    Kenneth Van Tine, Farmington Hills

    Term expires 3/31/15

    Represents Architects


    Ronald Brand, Gaylord

    Term expires 3/31/15

    Represents Professional surveyors


    Michael Drewyor, Houghton

    Term expires 3/31/16

    Represents Professional engineers


    Ginger Michalski-Wallace, Whitmore Lake

    Term expires 3/31/16

    Represents Professional surveyors

    Jeff Bartlee, Standish
    Term expires 3/31/17
    Represents Professional surveyors


    Gilbert Barish, DeWitt

    Term expires 3/31/17

    Represents Professional surveyors

    Nick Darin, Allen Park
    Term expires 3/31/17
    Represents the General Public

    Steven Gravlin, Canton
    Term expires 3/31/18
    Represent Professional surveyors

    Jeffrey Hertrich, Grand Ledge
    Term expires 3/31/18
    Represents the General Public

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